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Every time I start the Internet Download Manager, the system gives this message, I am sure the file is secure and correct, just want to know How to stop the "Open File - Security Warning" of Internet Download Manager.

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For this problem on the IDM, just do as follows will be OK.

  1. Exit/End the IDM progress from Task Manager
  2. Go to your IDM installation folder like "C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager" , right click "IDman.exe" -> Properties -> uncheck "Read-only" and then click OK
  3. Now open IDman.exe file, that same warning appears again, uncheck the "Always ask before opening this file" and click Run. That's all (no more Security Warnings, enjoy)

For other similar security warnings, indeed, the solution is also similar - just stop this warning for some file!

If you want to disable this warning forever for any file, follow this post:

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