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I used the license key from Internet to register, and successfully registered. But when using some time, it prompted the message below from time to time:

[Window Title]

[Main Instruction]
You might be a victim of software piracy. Please purchase a legitimate software license from EmEditor home page. Click OK to go to the EmEditor website.


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Yes, the license keys from Internet are really working, but they must have been blocked by the EmEditor's offical websigte. As a result, you got the copyright prompt.

In fact, the solution is simple - just dont forget to use a firewall to block its call-home "feature" or use the hosts file to block the EmEditor' home page. The only goal is - let the EmEditor can not communicate with its home site to perform the license key's validation.

Of course, the portable full version is working all the time - no registration required, no hosts or firewall block setting needed. Just download and use at will.

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