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I reinstalled my Windows, when I run the previously installed VMware Workstation and enter a working license key, it gave this error.

VMware Workstation
You do not have permission to enter a license key. Try again using the system administrator account.

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You maybe saw a fake solution on the Internet like this:

  1. Run CMD as administrator
  2. Enter the location of file 'vmware-vmx.exe' (like: D:\Program Files\VMware Workstation\x64)
  3. Type command as this:
    • VMware Workstation\x64>vmware-vmx --new -sn AG31K-0GD5P-08ERP-TEQZV-WG09A
  4. Nothing happened, the error is the same

AppNee tells you the root cause: The VMware Authorization Service is not running. How to make it running? The only way is - reinstall your VMware Workstation (then it can register this service and make it run). Trust me, this is the only working method to solve this problem efficiently and directly.


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