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I got a picture for my site footer display, but its background is white, i need make it transparent so that it can integration into the current background of my page!

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Just 5 steps, i promise you will get what you want:

  1. Open the image file with Photoshop
  2. Click the "Layer" link from the menu, and select "New" followed by "Layer." In the Layers palette in the bottom-right corner of your Photoshop window, drag the new layer below the layer of the logo.
  3. Click the logo layer and select the Magic Wand tool from your tools. The keyboard shortcut for the Magic Wand tool is (W).
  4. Click the areas of the image you want to make transparent. After your selection has been made, press the Delete button on your keyboard.
  5. Click "File" followed by "Save As" and save the file in either the .PNG, .GIF, or .TIFF format to preserve the transparency.
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