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When I installed the Android Studio, run it and tried to build the first project, but when i clicked the Finish, it stuck here!

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Sometimes, it will take some time (normally 5 ~ 7 mins) to complete download, which depends on your internet connection speed to the gradle official host. So wait for some time. It will take time only for first launch.

If that really stops. Try to resolve as follow:

  1. Create a new project and you should Shutdown The Android Studio Application.(Because it takes a long time for you).
  2. Goto C:\Users\{Logged in User}\.gradle folder
  3. There is a folder there that show you which version of gradle Android Studio requires (e.g. gradle-1.8-bin)
  4. Download this version from internet (e.g. gradle-1.8-bin.zip).
  5. Goto C:\Users\{Logged in User}\.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-1.8-bin
  6. There is a folder here that its name is like a GUID.
  7. You should just copy the zip file that you've already downloaded from internet into this folder.
  8. Execute Android Studio and create a new project.
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