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After I installed and registered on the Welcome window of BeoPlayer v5.04, when I clicked the 'Submit' button to login, it could not start and gave this error message:

Cannot create file C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bang & Olufsen\BeoPlayer\MetadataService_Client.cer.


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I met the same error message on Windows 8.1, the solution is easy:

  1. Manually create the path mentioned (just for the file 'MetadataService_Client.cer'), finally it likes "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Bang & Olufsen\BeoPlayer" (for Win8.1)
  2. Click the 'Submit' to login again. All done. (This time you will receive "Your information has successfully been added")


BeoPlayer v.5.04 Registration
Your information has successfully been added
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